Elfin Kingdom Airdrop

Elfin Kingdom is a metaverse MMORPG built on DeFi and Play2Earn principles.

💰The project has raised over $9.5 million from investors including Binance Labs, Alameda Research, and others.

ℹ️Currently, we can complete simple tasks and daily check-ins on the BSC testnet to earn points, which will be converted into project tokens.

Here’s what we do:

1️⃣ Obtain test BNB tokens:

  • 1= Go to the WEBSITE and enter your wallet address in the “Wallet Address” field.
  • 2= Click “Send 0.3 BNB” and complete the captcha.


2️⃣ Register on Elfin:

  • Go to the WEBSITE , click “Sign In” on the right.
  • Choose the BNB network and connect.


  • During this process, add the BNB testnet and authorize all requests in MetaMask.

3️⃣ Earn points:

  • Go to the “Airdrop” tab and scroll down to “Check-in.”
  • Click “Check-in” and sign the transaction (✳️repeat daily).
  • Click “Deposit” , enter 0.051 BNB, and deposit.
  • In the “Daily Tasks” section, play the game.
  • 🐸 I only managed to play Pepe DAO:

1️⃣ To do this, go to “Dashboard”.

2️⃣ Transfer 100 Pepe into the game .


3️⃣ Go to “Airdrop” and click “GO” .


4️⃣ Choose the game and click “Play” .

5️⃣ Click “Find” and the game will load.


✳️Check the points for playing the game (I only received points for entering the game).

4️⃣ Check points on the “AIRDROP” tab and claim 5 points daily for check-in.


🕘 Time required: ≈ 30 sec/day

💰 Financial investment: ≈ $0

📆 Deadline: TBA

Another easy daily task for your Binance portfolio, potentially leading to a nice drop. There’s no investment required, and it should take no more than 30 seconds daily, so don’t miss out.

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